Things I Learned in October

1 Nov

1. I talk a big game but I will never cut my hair really short again!

2. I am terrified of people I know finding out I blog. Why? I have no clue.

3. You can get plastic surgery for anything nowadays.

4. Halloween is lame when you hate girls dressing slutty.
5. I’ve still never dyed my hair…not once.

6. I think I am the only girl I know who can say that.

7. It takes roughly 50 days to digest McDonalds chicken nuggets. Ew!

8. I am terrified to change the layout of my blog.

9. I update my Twitter when I’m bored, or lonely.

10. My eyes are a weird shape and winged eyeliner does not suit me one bit.

11. Victoria Justice is the best role model out there for young girls.
12. I hate when friends find out about my blog, and proceed to ask for products.

13. Blogging regularly is a lot of work when you’re going to school and working two jobs.

14. It is still totally worth it.

15. I don’t need half of the makeup I own. Luckily I am smart enough to share.
16. I like the way my makeup looks on day 2. Sadly, my face hates the way it feels and I have to wash it off.

17. I hate getting samples of things I can not afford regularly.

18. I spend twice as much on makeup as I do on clothes.

19. I really want all of the OCC Lip Tars. They’re gorgeous!
20. I’ve still got a lot to learn.

My Travel Makeup Bag

21 Oct

Last weekend (October 14-15) I went to a journalism conference in Southern California called JACC. I figured this would be the perfect time to show you all what I carry with me (in regards to makeup) when I travel for a few days.

Stuff that I generally have with me all the time in my makeup bag:
Clinique Mascara in Black, Rimmel London Eyeliner in Black, E.L.F. Eyeshadow Primer, E.L.F. concealer in Light, Monave Face Powder in Claire, Dior Foundation, Clinique Eyeshadow Trio, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Rimmel London’s 1000 Kisses Lip Liner, NYC Lip Gloss in Clear, Clinique Lipstick in Tenderheart, Zuii Lipstick in Mandarin, SurlyGirly Lipstick in Bruised and E.L.F. Lipstick in Seductive. (And a brush and sharpener!)

Stuff that didn’t fit in my makeup bag, but I stuck in my backpack:

My full size face powder from Monave, Urban Decay Book of Shadows III, and my Clinique face wash and moisturizer.

Now, I know I’m going to get this question. Why do you carry around 4 lipsticks and a lipgloss for 2 days? Well, we went to a lot of different places. I wore the Zuii the first morning and the SurlyGirly the first night, and the E.L.F. the second morning with the Clinique the second night. Different occasions call for different colors people! Anyway, the gloss was just an extra just in case.

NARS Gloss in Turkish Delight

20 Oct

NARS Lip Gloss (Turkish Delight)    Price: $24This picture was taken by the lovely Arienne McCracken. I picked this lipgloss up a few days ago because I was getting ready to go somewhere and wanted a light bubblegum/baby pink to wear for the occasion. Turkish Delight totally hit the nail on the head. This looks so pretty and feminine! I love it!

I should reapply this about every hour, but I am very active so that doesn’t always happen. An hour is pretty average for the staying power of a decent lipgloss. It isn’t sticky at all, and applies very smoothly. There’s no tugging!

Sturdy packaging is what you’ll get from NARS 100 percent of the time!

Product: 10/10
Price: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10

Would I buy this again? Probably.
Should you buy this? Definitely, try it out!

Milani Liquif’ Liner in Black

19 Oct

Milani Liquif’ Eyeliner
(#01: Black)
Size: 1.2 grams
Price: $8

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. I’ve wrote about these eyeliners 4 times now (this makes 5), but usually different colors of the same product have different qualities. All of Milani’s Liquif’ Eyeliner Pencils are amazing though!

This black is extremely dark. In fact, I find this to be darker and more opaque than even Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eyeliners. Yeah, they’re that good. In fact, I used to use the UD liners and switched to these. These are $12 cheaper and last just as long, and work much better. These apply smooth as butter, and stay put all day if you let them dry for 15 seconds. Great for the waterline too!

I’m not going to bother talking about the packaging. It’s just like any other liner.

Product: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Would I buy this again? I already have! So…heck yeah!
Should you buy this? Yes times infinity!

*This product was sent to me by Milani to review. I am not receiving any compensation for doing this review. Everything written is my personal opinion. **However, since using my review product, I have repurchased with this product my own hard earned cash (multiple times! Ha!).

Random: Infomercials

11 Oct

While watching t.v. the other day, which I don’t do often, I realized how much I despise infomercials. This may seem really random, but whatever! Here’s why:

1. I hate it when infomercials use celebrities as spokespeople. Proactiv is famous for this. We all know that those celebs didn’t have any of the problems listed on the infomercial before using your product. Good job Photoshop!

2. I absolutely loathe infomercials that show you the same product multiple times in different scents or types, but you only get one. If I got all 3 for calling, I’d love seeing them…but seeing 3 and getting 1 is stupid to me!

3. Same thing goes for sizes. Don’t show me a bunch of different sizes, especially if I’m getting the smallest one. It’s a tease to me, and I don’t appreciate it. I also hate seeing the same product twice, but one has the lid off and one has it on.

4. My biggest pet peeve with infomercials are the “But wait! There’s more!” offers. They are almost always travel-sized products that are going to last you a few days. They are also usually crappy products in the first place. And generally speaking, they are still in the testing phase…which is not something I wanna use.

Other issues I have include the company putting their packaging behind the product and saying that it is a [insert time frame here] supply. They have no idea how much/often you’ll use the product, so they can’t know how long it’ll last.

What do you guys think about infomercials? Let me know in the comments!

Tropez Ultra Glaze Lip Gloss

4 Oct

Tropez Ultra Glaze Gloss
0.23 oz
Price: $4

I’m not quite sure about the name of this gloss, but I vaguely remember the tag for it saying Glassy, which makes no sense to me as it’s a bright red lipgloss, but whatever. Then again, this lip gloss makes no sense to me in general.

This stuff is pigmented if, and only if, you use the perfect amount. I only wear this over red lipstick. If I don’t, I absolutely can’t cover both of my lips without it being too sticky and goopy. It’s also really thick and hard to spread.

I hate the packaging on this. It’s a squeeze tube with an applicator. What the heck?! The gloss sticks to the applicator and makes it impossible to spread.

Product: 6/10
Packaging: 5/10
Price: 8/10
Overall: 6/10

Would I buy this again? No.
Should you buy this? Probably not.

Things I Learned in September

1 Oct

1. I hate a lot of the newer trends, like spider lashes.

2. Being tall is not a curse. I should wear heels more often.

3. Don’t put on jeans right when they come out of the dryer. Hot metal embellishments hurt…a lot.

4. My hair looks better if I don’t wash it for a few days. I don’t know why.

5. Purple lips are a trend I do like…a lot.
6. It’s hard to shower without getting my hair wet, especially when I hate shower caps as much as I do.

7. I really want to try a Graze Box. They look amazing.

8. Armani lipsticks are amazing. I must fight the urge to buy more.

9. ELF has horrible eyelash glue…like seriously terrible.

10. My style changes daily. I want to look super girly one day, and totally opposite the next.

11. I have worn makeup a lot less this month. I think it’s because I’m feeling a bit in the dumps about my appearance. Isn’t this backwards?

12. I used to hate Twitter. Since I started this blog, I think I’m addicted.

13. I should not wear dresses as I tend to lie around awkwardly.
(Photo by Emily Jane Morgan)
14. Tights drive me crazy.

15. The heat gives girls excuses to dress inappropriately.

16. I hate girls who dress this way.

17. I really hate fake tans.

18. Blue eyeshadow has now, and will always, remind me of Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.
19. I look best in red.

20. There are not enough hours in the day.

21. I have a lot of attractive friends.

22. However, my most attractive friend (both inner and outer beauty) is Anu.
23. She is absolutely amazing. (And forgiveness is the key to life.)

Wow, I learned a lot this month. And this is almost all beauty related. Oh Lord, if I put everything I learned, you’d be reading for days! This is definitely going to be done at the end of every month from now on! It’s so much fun to do!